Pick and Name your Colour

Hi, here you can easily Pick and Name your own Colour.

Your own colour will be part of our Colour Palette and will be introduced as the Colour of the Day!

Just click on the following button so you can answer 5 quick questions and you will be ready:

Start, Pick and Name your own Colour!

We just need your name, email, select your colour from a color picker, the name of your colour and the product or products you want to be made with your own colour.

If you already know the HEX code of your colour you can type it on the color picker, or if you have your colour in Pantone Code you can get the HEX code here.  

After you send us your selection we will send you by email your order and the product shots of the products you selected with your own colour, if you are OK with the order and products you can proceed with the payment, if not you can tell us what you want to be changed and will update the order for you.

Once your order is confirmed we will proceed to upload and list your Colour to our Colour Palette and Product Selection, and will showcase it as the Colour of the Day!

If you have any questions about the Pick and Name your Colour service, please send us an email to help@vmpbrands.com or got to our Concierge page. 

Thank you!